The Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125

by The Beethoven Reclamation Society

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released May 24, 2017

First Movement by:
Doktor Pete, <jima>, Advanced Dogmatic Studies, Testikill, The Rev.Sun Myung Moon All Stars, Social Security, Andy MacMillan, The Beethoven Reclamation Society, Larry Stepniak, steven olaf, kingffelix, M-sli©k da ninjA, PG, Lee Pilich, ctephin, (c) (P)ee, Richard Holland

Second Movement by:
Marco Pustianaz, Radioactive Insect., The Beethoven Reclamation Society, Zach Kaplan, Marc Plainguet, Antic Hey! Robot Symphony, M-sli©k da ninjA, King Wilson, Daniel Gideon, Doktor Pete, Anne Drogyness, The Piss, Sam Stephens

Third Movement by:
Chris, Marble Fog, Simon Johnson, The Beethoven Reclamation Society, School Kids, Sam Stephens, (C)(P)ee, Larry Stepniak, M-sli©k da ninjA, Jeremy, TODCRA Productions, Andy MacMillan

Fourth Movement by:
The Button, LoMax, Chris, The Beethoven Reclamation Society, Entropical Utopia, Lee Pilich, Bob's Other Pants, Kurma, Magenta Moor, M-sli©k da ninjA, The Former Yugoslavia, Markharp, Entropical Utopia, Through Warped WIndow Chaos, Eight Minutes to Wapner, steven olaf, 1 fifth of shiver, Pope Goat VII, Doktor Pete, ACM, Digger Naught


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